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Continuous deployment of new groundbreaking features.

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Tier 1 Relations, Cloud Based Infrastructure and Caller ID Reputation come standard.

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A little more techy? Utilize any of our solutions using our Rest API.

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Call QA

  • AI Empowered Call QA
  • Call Transcripts
  • Per Minute Pricing
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Calls Searchable
  • Agent Analytics
  • Department Analytics
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Call Campaigns

  • IVR Broadcasting
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • AI Calling
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • DNC List
  • Pre Scheduled Campaigns
  • Live Analytics
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  • 10 DLC & Toll Free
  • Call Routing
  • Two Way Chat
  • Dynamic Insertion
  • Webhooks
  • Image Generation
  • Link Rotation and Tracking



Inbound Calls


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Frequently asked questions

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions.

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Vos Logic sets itself apart in the business solutions arena with a steadfast focus on compliance and risk management. Employing advanced analytics, the company proactively identifies and mitigates potential risks, providing a stable and secure platform for businesses to grow. Their commitment to staying abreast of regulatory changes ensures constant compliance, offering clients peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on their core activities. This unique blend of risk foresight and compliance expertise positions Vos Logic as the ideal partner for businesses seeking secure expansion, making it a superior choice over alternatives in a dynamic and challenging business landscape.

At Vos Logic, setup time is largely dependent on each client's unique demands and specifications. While we tailor our services to meet specific requirements, most deployments are efficiently completed within 24-48 hours. This rapid setup demonstrates our commitment to quick and effective service delivery. However, the exact timeframe can vary with the complexity of client needs. Our focus is on a bespoke, thorough setup process, ensuring alignment with your business objectives and expectations. Thus, while we aim for swift deployment, our priority is a customized and seamless setup experience, perfectly attuned to your distinct business landscape.

Yes, it is indeed AI calling. At Vos Logic, we utilize internally developed Large Language Models (LLMs) and machine learning algorithms to manage our call operations. These advanced AI technologies are not just for optimizing our systems; they also play a pivotal role in our Voice Driven Call Flows. This means that when you receive a call from us, it is powered by sophisticated AI that is designed to communicate effectively and handle various aspects of customer interactions. These AI systems are continually learning and evolving, ensuring that each call is managed with increasing efficiency and effectiveness, aligning with the high standards of service we strive to maintain.

At Vos Logic, we pride ourselves on being the most cost-effective option in the market. Our pricing is competitively structured, ensuring that you receive the best value without compromising on quality. In the rare event that you find a competitor offering a comparable product at a lower price, we are committed to not just matching their pricing but beating it by at least 10%. This guarantee underscores our dedication to providing top-tier services at the most advantageous prices. Our goal is to offer you unbeatable value, ensuring that choosing Vos Logic is not only a smart business decision but also a financially prudent one.

Vos Logic's cloud-driven approach brings significant benefits, chief among them being high fault tolerance and scalability. By leveraging cloud technology, our systems demonstrate remarkable resilience, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable service even in the face of potential disruptions. This cloud infrastructure also allows for exceptional scalability, capable of expanding to handle unlimited call volumes. This means that as your business grows and call demands increase, Vos Logic seamlessly adapts, providing consistent, high-quality service without any loss in performance. The combination of fault tolerance and scalability makes Vos Logic's cloud-driven system an ideal solution for businesses seeking robust, adaptable, and dependable communication services.
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